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Let’s Talk About Mobile

What should we really be talking about when we talk about “going mobile”?

There has recently been much buzz revolving around the mobile side of CRM software and the promise it brings to businesses everywhere. This commotion is exemplified by a recent TechCrunch piece written by Ankur Jain, an investor who has put some money into mobile-focused CRM startups in the past. “Any organization that has deployed CRM software,” Jain writes, “would be wise to integrate it with its mobile app, just as it would integrate it with web and call centers. ”

Such calls to action might be cause for anxiety among some business proprietors. They may feel the need to scramble for suitable solutions to help their businesses “go mobile,” haphazardly pushing the integration process along as quickly as possible in fear of losing out. To be clear: these feelings are perfectly reasonable. However, it should also behoove these businesses to practice caution in the face of such anxiety.

The spirit behind Jain’s perspective is essentially a constructive one. The future of organizational management and client interfacing will definitely feature a mobile aspect in some way or another, and it is probably a valuable move for businesses with already deployed CRM software to consider the prospect of mobile integration. Certainly, it would not be a very wise move to dismiss the notion completely.

Furthermore, such considerations can easily be tested, as almost all CRM solutions typically include a mobile app as a functional extension of its software to begin with. However, the most pressing issue that should always be kept in mind is execution.

The future is mobile, so when you think about moving to a new software system it will be wise to consider the system’s mobile accessibility (or lack of).

Take your time and make sure your goals come first. Don’t be unnerved by all the speculation and the hype. It often pays to be careful, and it almost never pays to be reckless. And as always, if you need some help thinking things through, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’d love to talk.

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