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Oracle Communications Order and Service Management 7.0 Announced

Solution Enables Communications Service Providers to Improve Customer Satisfaction by Accelerating Offer Creation

  • Oracle announced the general availability of Oracle Communications Order and Service Management 7.0, a key component of Oracle Communications' solution for rapid offer design and order delivery that helps communications service providers (CSPs) unify historically disparate processes. CSPs using the solution can more quickly and efficiently introduce new offers, capture and fulfill orders, and provide visibility across the entire order lifecycle.
  • Oracle Communications Order and Service Management 7.0 provides CSPs with a new way of orchestrating customer and technical information across front- and back-office systems for improved offer design, order cycle time and accuracy.
  • Other core components of the solution for rapid offer design and order delivery include Oracle's Siebel CRM, Oracle Product Hub for Communications and Oracle Application Integration Architecture for Communications.
  • With the integrated Oracle solution, CSPs can:
    • Get to market faster by unifying the front- and back-office operations required for creating new offers. For example, CSPs can leverage the central product catalog to define an offer and then automatically update the corresponding information in the CRM, billing, order management and fulfillment systems. They can then map and test the offer across all the IT systems it will affect, a process that many CSPs currently require weeks to complete.
    • Gain visibility to detailed order status throughout the entire order lifecycle, and make this information instantly available to customer service representatives (CSRs) and customers. The solution also helps reduce order fallout by proactively identifying and managing at-risk orders, and those requiring special handling.
    • Make low-cost, in-flight order changes, by enabling CSRs to adjust existing orders to reflect new customer requests. Updated orders automatically revise order-fulfillment plans already completed or in progress. This can help accelerate order completion, reduce manual workarounds, and prevent costly errors and repeated truck-rolls to customer locations.

Supporting Quotes

  • "As a wireless leader in the rapidly growing Indian market, we needed a solution that could manage the large volume of products and offers we wanted to introduce. We are required to handle more than 100,000 orders and services per hour and, with Oracle Communications Order and Service Management, we can manage a greater volume of very complex services with increased consistency, accuracy and efficiency. Oracle's integrated offer design and order delivery solution helps solve a long-standing industry challenge," said Ravinder Jain, chief information officer, Aircel.

  • "Communications service providers have long struggled to manage the intersection between customer-facing and back-office operations. Inefficient processes result in offer creation cycles as long as eighteen months and millions of dollars lost to order fallout each year. Oracle Communications Order and Service Management 7.0 and the Oracle Communications' solution for rapid offer design and order delivery can help CSPs to cost-effectively accelerate offer introduction, reducing it to a few weeks or even days, and decrease order delivery time from days to minutes, while improving accuracy," said Dan Ford, vice president of product marketing, Oracle Communications.

  • "To meet customers' increasing expectations for prompt, reliable service, communications service providers must fill the critical gap that has long existed between offer creation and order delivery. By recognizing the central role that order management plays in this process, providers can achieve their required speed, flexibility and visibility. Oracle Communications' solution for rapid offer design and order delivery provides an attractive alternative to the customizations and workarounds service providers have previously relied on to solve these challenges," said Elisabeth Rainge, director, NGN Operations, IDC.

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